Bricks is a charity with a mission to support local communities, creative communities and social enterprise projects thrive in Bristol. Bricks works with Bristol’s creative, local and social enterprise communities to programme collaborative activities and secure permanent spaces in the city for those communities to embed in place and build sustainable futures. 

We believe in the civic role of artists and that through collaboration we can have a strong collective voice to influence the growth of the city. Our key areas of work are: Artist Development, Community Led Creative Development, Public Art Producing and Creative Infrastructure. 

Why we are on the programme?

Diversity and inclusion are crucial for us and we strive to improve our processes and results, though know we have work to do. We work with a range of creative approaches and people, from artist recruitment – including decision-making on panels, artists brief, to where to advertise. We work very closely in and with communities. Doing Creative Workforce for the Future Inclusion Programme helps us check-in on what else we can do.