Creativity Works

Many of the our socially engaged artists engaged on our co|Create programme and employed by us work with people mental health and wellbeing challenges through our projects. As an organisation and via the artists we work with we also have experience of working with people facing socio-economic challenges too. As such we support a wide and diverse range of people them to access the arts and culture. However, we always want to do better. We want our Staff and artists, and the communities we serve and support to be more representative of the wider population. It is great to join Creative Workforce for the Future to help us explore and accelerate what we can do next. We would love it if five years from now – artists from underrepresented groups felt they could come to our sessions, whether as artists or community participants, and apply for the jobs and commissions we put out, knowing for certain that they would be given every opportunity and consideration on an equal footing.

Why are we on the programme?

Creativity Works run arts and health projects in BANES and Bristol, offering creative activities and courses to inspire and empower mental health wellbeing. They work with socially engaged artists and specialise providing creative activities in mental health and wellbeing, mental illnesses, and learning disabilities. Creativity Works offers a training and support programme for artists called ‘co|Create’, running workshops with internal and external experts, to help socially engaged artists and practice – inspiring + targeted support, including business training (for sustainability).