Creative consultancy offering branding, playful strategy workshops and product innovation across industries.

Why are we on the programme?

We are very happy to be involved in this programme particularly as such a large party of our work and involvement with organisations is centred on inclusion, listening and often discovering hidden or forgotten treasures that we can build stories around. As a creative studio we want to work with the most diverse group of individuals and organisations, across geographic and industries boundaries. Always liked the mental image of the old United Colours of Benetton adverts and recognise that some of the largest differences are often not visible, so this deeper sense of inclusivity that goes beyond the physical is also important.

We currently work with clients and collaborators from and within a variety of countries and communities, and thanks to technology we have the feeling that we are working just across the street from them. Often, when working creatively, we are against deadlines across a number of different projects. Understanding the needed for inclusivity has impacted the way we think beyond just ‘who we already know’ and can invite in to develop or product something in an efficient way. The onus here is on finding ways to build relationships in the more airy spaces between the intense phases and flows of work.

Determining how and where to find new and available collaborators/freelancers/partners – who may have talents and skills that aren’t on our radar but could be game-changing – can be a challenge, so it’s good to have the support and space to explore this through Creative Workforce for the Future’s Inclusion Programme.