Proctor & Stevenson

Proctor & Stevenson are one of the UK’s longest-established independent marketing, brand, design and technology agencies. We’re specialists in connecting you with your clients, customers and prospects – at every stage of their journey with you, wherever they are in the world.

From enterprise-scale web design to global systems configuration. From brand development to marketing automation. From strategic planning to film and animation.

Why we are on the programme?

Now we have a great opportunity, including MD and board level commitment. Given what is happening in the UK and globally for BlackLivesMatter, and especially Bristol, we already have lots of commitment from our team. New actions on diversity and inclusion would have felt like too big a task to do as one person before. Now the whole workforce are committed, it is easier, and it is hugely helpful to have the expert guidance and support from the Inclusion Programme on Creative Workforce for the Future on what to do and how to do it.