Stand + Stare

Stand + Stare develop innovative and beautifully-crafted ways to share stories that combine digital and physical experiences.

Our work spans commissions within the heritage and museum sector, one-of-a-kind experiences for commercial clients, dynamic academic collaborations and direct engagement with local communities. Our projects connect people through multisensory experiences in the form of interactive exhibits, apps and workshops. We make work that is accessible, creating shared experiences that a whole community can enjoy. 

Why we are on the programme?

In all our work, we really care about giving voice and representation to those people whose stories are not overtly told or that may have been previously left out. By participating in the CWFTF programme, we hope to connect with or recognise opportunities that might help us actively include a more diverse input into all levels of our company – particularly with the suppliers, associate artists, and partners we are working with. We are looking to explore what we are not currently aware of or doing, as well as positively refining and embedding good practice. Being part of a cohort of SME’s on this journey is encouraging as it helps us build confidence in working to be part of a change towards better inclusive practices within the creative sector