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Please read the following information before registering your company or organisation.

About Creative Workforce for the Future

The Creative Workforce for the Future programme (CWftF) is led by the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) and Watershed, with hubs including The Guild Bath, Knowle West Media Centre, Spike Island, Rife Magazine at Watershed, Bristol City Council’s Bristol Museums and Creative Youth Network.

It supports the development of a Future Workforce by providing professional development for SMEs to cultivate a more inclusive workforce and by supporting paid placements for young people.

Data collection for programme funding

The CWftF programme needs to provide evidence to its funders that it has supported small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) based in the West of England. We are required to collect data about you and your experience in this Registration Form and in a SME Support Summary Form. This data will be shared with the funders of the programme the West of England Combined Authority (WECA).

Data collection for research

Additionally, we will be collecting information for UWE Bristol and Watershed to use in our own research to improve our processes and to evaluate the programme. During this programme we will collect information about your participation in the programme and how you change in other ways through the experience of the CWftF. We will also contact you within a year of finishing engagement with the programme, to evaluate progress since finishing.

Information collected will always be anonymised for use in research publications so no one will be able to identify you. Potential publications include reports to our funders, in journal papers, conference presentations, and outreach activities such as blog posts and conference talks. We may also wish to write case studies about the successes you will be having through the programme and, in that case, we would always ask your specific permission to write about you and your company.

By registering to take part in this programme you agree to participate in this research. Should you have any concerns about this research and evaluation process, or to withdraw from research, please contact the research team by emailing before December 30th. We are required to maintain the participation evidence data that is collected for our funders, but we can exclude your data from use in future research.

Data Protection

For information on how we handle your personal information see our Privacy Policy, and the WECA Privacy Policy.