Re-imagining our Creative Workforce for the Future

We are excited to announce the reboot of Creative Workforce for the Future, tackling the challenges that are unfolding around us.

Creative Workforce for the Future kicked off in January with a mission to make the creative industries as representative as the society in which we live.

Our pilot programme recruited 12 immensely talented young people from under-represented groups. They began placements in cultural venues around Bristol, developing networks, upskilling and expanding their creative ambitions, readying for placements within creative industry companies.

From crisis to opportunity

Since then, we have experienced unprecedented change that has impacted every part of our lives. Within this, the UK’s public health crisis has upturned our creative industries, disrupting how we work, communicate, make and sell content. We are struggling with the flow of our economy and systems, but this disruption is also driving us to think creatively about what we do and how we do it.

In this time of change and reshaping, our work can only be strengthened by differing voices contributing at the table, increasing our ability to look at things with fresh eyes and discover new opportunities within our work.

It is also clear that ‘we are not in this together’ as it is evident that some of the most underrepresented, disadvantaged people are affected so disproportionally by the current crisis. Access to work, social mobility and having agency is more important than ever.

The offer to SMEs

Creative Workforce for the Future offers creative SMEs in the West of England the opportunity to become part of a cohort of companies tackling this reshape alongside each other.

Our rebooted programme offers access to online training and development opportunities, cultivating employment practices that embrace inclusion and diversity as an asset.

Together we will explore best practice in areas such as recruitment, how we work together and how we lead change.

Bristol 247 who are already part of the programme said:

“We want to be more inclusive but the majority of us are white, middle-class, university-educated. We’ve been working hard with amazing, diverse, talent through partners across the city but it isn’t yet translating into our recruitment.”

Our offer includes panel sessions, workshops and discussions with a range of exceptional speakers and facilitators, including some of the programme’s talented young creative professionals.

Up to 24 companies will have the additional opportunity to host a funded trainee placement providing a match can be made. Placements offer companies access to incredible skills and voices in their workforce, whilst providing young people with the experience they need to sustain a creative career. We’ll look for the best matches, where interests align between company business goals and values, and the career ambitions of our talented young cohort.

At a time when we all have so much to learn, Creative Workforce for the Future is pivoted to start conversations that will actively develop the creative industries. There is a real opportunity for us to change our work and working practices for the better. Getting involved in this programme and strengthening our workforce, is the first step.

We will be updating industry events via the ‘Latest’ section, but please get in touch for a full programme and a chat.

Themes for June and July

For June and July it’s all about Inclusive Leadership. These first sessions are designed with placements and work environments in mind, so will be very practical, interactive sessions about what works and what doesn’t, and what to do next. Sessions include materials on: Unconscious bias, Leading a culture of respect and Inclusive listening.

We’re also offering limited spaces on monthly ‘Group Coaching Inclusive Leadership’ sessions as a small group with peers, where SMEs will be supported by an expert to explore more deeply what they can do.

Interested in getting involved? Drop us an email: