Talent Support

Connecting Talent and Industry  

The trainees on this programme represent just a small fraction of the creative, diverse talent that exists in the West of England.

So, alongside the placement trainee programme we wanted to establish a network of talent, which supports emerging creative’s professional development and that connects to industry and opportunity in the region.

Connecting to creative talent

Do you have jobs, opportunities, events, news or support that you want to reach brilliant creatives in the West of England?  

Creative Workforce for the Future partner Rife Magazine will be launching a new newsletter which is co-designed with the current cohort of emerging creatives, called MeshWorks, that can connect you to the talent in our networks. If you have something you would like them to feature please email it to meshworks@rifemagazine.co.uk . Please don’t forget to include at least: A title, brief description, fee, contact for further information and/or web link.

We have identified what support they currently access, what they think the gaps and barriers are and have generated ideas about what this programme can offer.  

Over the coming months we will be: 

  • Delivering Industry led workshops that develop creatives business skills – everything from pitching to understanding contracts  
  • Hosting peer-to-peer meetups focused on building resilience and overcoming challenges 
  • Facilitating networking events for talent to connect with industry 
  • Profiling inspirational businesses and individuals to increase awareness of creative sector in Bristol and Bath  
  • Launching a new mailing list to share opportunities and training with creative talent taking place in the region.  

Want to connect to talent?

If you are interested in connecting your company to talent by:

  • running a workshop
  • attending a networking event
  • being profiled or
  • sharing an opportunity