The Companies

Creative Workforce for the Future kicked off in January 2020 with a mission to make the creative industries as representative as the society in which we live. 

We have worked with the following companies on inclusion readiness and you can read a bit about why they joined our programme below:

The Creative Workforce for the Future is a great way for us to build knowledge on how to address the Read more
Aardman is committed to ensuring our workplaces are inclusive and free from any type of discrimination, but we recognise that Read more
Creative Workforce for the Future’s Inclusion Programme is giving us the chance to look at what we need to change Read more
We love working with artists of every discipline, and are looking at how to comfortably/ naturally work with a wider Read more
The Inclusion Programme has been a great way to help us explore how to better structure and support our inclusion Read more
We want to up our game and open ourselves and our audiences up to wider perspectives and experience and talent. Read more
At boomsatsuma it is crucial that we support our young people to have voices and platforms. We’re looking forward to Read more
Diversity and inclusion are crucial for us and we strive to improve our processes and results, though know we have Read more
We’ve been working hard with amazing, diverse, talent through partners across the city but it isn’t yet translating into our Read more
In 2020 the Cable is working hard to explore and address the underrepresentation, particularly in its current content producers, which Read more
Our ethos and commitment has always been about creating opportunities within media and in media democracy - enabling people to Read more
There’s so much more we can do to better serve and support our existing staff and all the talent out Read more
We want our Staff and artists, and the communities we serve and support to be more representative of the wider Read more
We are committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone is able to be themselves and reach their full potential. Read more
Encounters is a charity that stands for fairness and equality. We’re very committed to inclusion behind the scenes and in Read more
Our workspaces are more than just a place to go to work. We create inclusive, collaborative communities that are vibrant, Read more
Fourth Floor embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, Read more
We joined the Creative Workforce for the Future Inclusion Programme to help us better connect to exceptional talent from underrepresented Read more
It’s one thing recruiting people. It’s vital that once recruited we help people stay in the business. When changing texture Read more
Understanding the needed for inclusivity has impacted the way we think beyond just 'who we already know' and can invite Read more
It is great to be training in the UK with Creative Workforce for the Future because I have always been Read more
We’re very user-led – we try to be inclusive by engaging the audience in the journey on a project, as Read more
We are excited to take part in this programme, adding another valuable element to our already established diversity and inclusion Read more
We want to make consultation more inclusive, further reaching and more useful for everyone. We work toward empowering people to Read more
2020 has been a year of such global change that its felt hard to see how we as individuals and Read more
The media industry is still too white. Oggadoon is looking forward to exploring what it can do to support and Read more
Open Bionics is passionate about supporting people from underprivileged areas into business. We live and breathe our values, and make Read more
At Plot our Inclusion practice is not (yet) articulated or visibly expressed but we are committed to values-led, sustainable business. Read more
Now we have a great opportunity, including MD and board level commitment. Given what is happening in the UK and Read more
In all our work, we really care about giving voice and representation to those people whose stories are not overtly Read more
As a small company we know we will never be able to change the world, but we would like to Read more
Expanding and forever diversifying our industry pipeline is tantamount to creating ever more profound and relevant work which is why Read more
We’re excited to join Creative Workforce for the Future’s inclusion programme to help us connect with, engage and support underrepresented Read more
We’re excited to join Creative Workforce for the Future’s inclusion programme to help us connect with, engage and support underrepresented Read more
There's a real gap in the market for children’s books that authentically represent the lived experience of children growing up Read more
Our priority audiences are young people (13-25); disabled people; communities in the most socio-economically deprived postcode areas and Black, Asian Read more
Our aim is to use Wildscreen’s position in the Natural History industry to set goals, encourage and give achievable landmarks Read more
Excellence, innovation and inclusion are at the heart of what we do at Wise Children, and our ambition is to Read more
This programme is good timing for the opportunity to change the dynamic at Wounded Buffalo. In our experience a fair Read more

Other companies engaged on our programme, but pending profiles are:

Wildseed Studio, Team Love, Bristol Festivals, Drummer TV, Noods Radio, Misfits Theatre and Academy 7

The pilot is well underway, with over 50 creative SMEs engaged in the programme, which is really great. SMEs are on a journey of Inclusive Leadership, to explore, grow and support inclusion-readiness to make their businesses thrive.

Bristol 247 who are part of the programme said:“We want to be more inclusive but the majority of us are white, middle-class, university-educated. We’ve been working hard with amazing, diverse, talent through partners across the city but it isn’t yet translating into our recruitment.”

Our offer includes panel sessions, workshops and discussions with a range of exceptional speakers and facilitators, including some of the programme’s talented young creatives.

Up to 24 companies had the additional opportunity to host a funded placement with one of our cohort of Talent. Placements offer companies access to incredible skills and voices in their workforce, whilst providing young people with the experience they need to sustain a creative career. We’ll look for the best matches, where interests align between company business goals and values, and the career ambitions of our talented young cohort.

The programme pilot has now ended, but if you are interested in finding out more please email us for a conversation: