We know that the most innovative work happens in teams that are inclusive to talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Creative Workforce for the Future’s mission is to make the creative industries as representative as the society in which we live.

We aim to do this by creating and fostering inclusive work environments to support our brightest and best young creative talent in the cultural and creative industries. 

Based in the West of England, Creative Workforce for the Future is offering a flexible and bespoke programme of professional development for companies and paid placements for young people.

Host creative talent (funded)

Through working with a range of small to medium (SME) sized creative companies in the West of England on inclusion readiness, there is potential for businesses to host a funded paid placement.

Re-imagining our Creative Workforce for the Future

We are excited to announce the reboot of Creative Workforce for the Future, tackling the challenges that are unfolding around us.

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