We know that the most innovative work happens in teams that are inclusive to talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Creative Workforce for the Future’s mission is to make the creative industries as representative as the society in which we live.

We aim to do this by creating and fostering inclusive work environments to support our brightest and best young creative talent in the cultural and creative industries. 

Based in the West of England, Creative Workforce for the Future is offering a flexible and bespoke programme of professional development for companies and paid placements for young people.

“The Creative workforce for the Future programme has been a great way to re-focus and structure our recruitment with the goal of building a more robust, open and inclusive process.”

A Productions

This was a pilot programme which ran until March 2021.

Hosting paid creative talent

We ran a 48 week placement programme for thirteen 18 – 30 year old creative professionals from specific backgrounds currently not well represented in the creative sector.

We’re delighted that all the Creative Professionals in the 2020 cohort have finished Summer and Autumn industry placements in companies who are actively embracing inclusion and changing their work cultures with support from the programme. The majority of the cohort have been offered jobs or freelance opportunities through their placements or through other network links with the programme.

If you are an employer who would like to share opportunities, jobs or support with our community of creatives please email us and we’ll add it to the Meshworks newsletter. This newsletter is part of our ongoing activity within our Talent Support Network.

Where to start?

“Leaders and managers are caught in a difficult and rather binary situation where there is a perceived but unarticulated ‘right and wrong’ that is difficult to get one’s head around.” 

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